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Living Room designed by a computerHello there! Great that you want to have a look at my website about interior decoration with advice, ideas and all about design interior!
On this website, I will show you how a professional interior decorator goes to work to create a good ambiance in your home. This is not only what furniture you should buy, but more about how you can
get the best out of your home that fits with you as a person. A professional interior decorator works just like an architect according to a systematic plan to get to a beautiful and somewhat surprising end result.
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If you want to know more about how to decorate your own home, the rooms you will be able to choose from are:
Living Room
- The Hall
- The Living Room
- The Study Room
- The Bedroom

Of course, a professional interior decorator will never just buy a few pieces of furniture at random, but he, or she always has a systematic plan to work with. I hereby invite your to read the plan itself which a professional  uses to decorate the interior of a house or any other building:

Step 1: Know it: What do you want?

Art Nouveau HomeThe first step is to find out what someone actually wants with its place. Do you want to change something about your home? Do you only want a check-up? Do you want to buy an extra piece of furniture, but you don’t know which one? Or do you just want to sit back and have an interior decorator to do everything? Then this is your place to be! On this
site you will find everything about how you, guided by a professional decorator can make your home more beautiful!

What you should always keep in account is that a new interior is quite a
change, especially if you choose for a total restyle of your home or
company. All the things that have been lying on the same place will suddenly
be replaced. Maybe you would like to throw away all these things to clean up
at once (to keep everything tidy), but maybe not… Make sure that when you
clean up your room, that you place everything back yourself, because someone
else doesn’t know what you want to do with your personal belongings.

Step 2: Who are you?

Taking NotesAfter finding out what you want, we will come with a proposal. That means: We will see what’s possible and from there out, we will show some ideas. First of all, we will look at the budget (very important!), the measuring of the room, and formulating what the client wants exactly. What kind of ambience do you want? Are there specific wishes? Colors? Moodboards and *collages* make part of communicating what kind of style someone likes, so that can be translated into colors, materials and shapes. This is the way of how we are going to decide about the ambience of a room.

A problem with many interiors is that it doesn’t have any ambience: nothing in this room has something to do that’s unique with that person. That’s also the reason why a place isn’t as cosy as it’s supposed to be. Creating a good ambiance isn’t very easy, because the number of possibilities are sometimes endless: think of the color “white” for example. Even the color white has a countless number of flavours: cream-white, ivory white, shining white, broken white, milkwhite, titanium white, hail white, and so forth… This also separates the professional interior designer from the amateurs: the former knows exactly what he has to use to create a certain ambiance
which also really fits, even if he hasn’t even been told exactly what to do.

So, this ambiance will be put in something we call a moodboard. This moodboard is used as a point of reference and to communicate to other people what should be done. From this, the interior decorator can start making sketches for the room(s). These sketches consist of a few concepts who can be totally different from each other. Not that interior designers have nothing better to do, but it should always be realized that the client doesn’t like a certain design. There’s no such thing as the perfect interior design.  Also at architecture firms, the architect also wants to see multiple versions of a concept, before it is decided which concept to implement. So, the designer will always show the client the moodboard with the sketches to ask what he or she thinks of it. If the first design doesn’t look good, other options can be seen.

Step 3: How shall redecorate your home?

Thinking...The third step is to make a design proposition: how is the room going to look like? The colors and the measurements of the furniture will be important here: will it fit well in the room? What kind of materials can be
used? All this has to be presented to the client, so he or she can have an idea what it's all going to look like. Apart from the moodboard or collage, there must be a ground plan, a color card (which colors everything will
have) and a card with material samples. This will all be presented neatly to the client.

If the client agrees with the proposition, the stylist can start with really
doing everything.

Step 4: Let's do it! And check. Always.

Working on room before painting...The last step is to really do everything: place the orders and do the work. Contractors, painters, floor suppliers or other
handymen need to be called in. Although this can happen quickly, you need to keep in account that projects can take longer than expected: unforseen problems, or exclusive design furniture that take more than 8 weeks
to arrive (especially if they're imported from Italy...). Even if you let an external contractor rebuild your home, it can take longer than you'd might expect! During this proces you'll have to watch that everything adds up
with what has been proposed: Will the contractor do everything right? Did the correct pieces of furniture arrive? These are all the things that have to be checked by the designer and where possible, he or she has to
intervene, but if everything's right, the work of the designer is finished... Unless... Something has to be changed. That's the point where the whole cycle starts again, but if that's not the case, that means that you're dealing with a good interior decorator. Your place now exactly what you've been dreaming of!

So, I hope you have some ideas now on decorating the interior of your home. Should you want to know more on a specific room, do have a look on top at the left to see if there's something in it for you. For some ideas on furniture, you'll be able to have a look in the Interior Catalogue, or of course, you can have a look at our Interior Discussion Forum.

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